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Addressing Attitudes of Entitlement

Entitlement is the Enemy

Entitlement can corrode the daily fabric of your team and leadership in subtle ways in the workplace or it can be extremely visible and cause regular conflict, affecting different levels in the organization. Both degrees of Entitlement tend to make the work space uncomfortable and create friction between certain staff members or suppress emotions or feelings that show themselves at inappropriate times.

As leaders, you may appear to be hesitant or unclear about what the boundaries are in situations where staff displays entitlement. This can cause damage to your brand as a leader. The impact can also be felt on the motivation and commitment levels of the staff towards the business, automatically impacting productivity and creativity.

Lack of awareness in the workplace can often lead to unnecessary power struggles, conflicts and costly delays.


This workshop will address the following areas to enable you to assess and address these attitudes that create a negative environment:

  • Assessing where our Entitlement shows itself in the workplace
  • The different types of Entitlement that can show themselves in a work environment
  • Unpacking the difference between Entitlement and confidence versus rewards and over-indulgence of staff and teams, and where to draw the boundaries between them
  • The impact of Entitlement on productivity and relationships in the workplace (Calculating the costs of Entitlement in your business)
  • How to confront staff effectively with the issue of Entitlement in the team and sustain productivity and staff confidence in the process
  • Outlining goals and creating appropriate actions to manage Entitlement in the workplace

All workshops are practical and interactive and include hand-outs and workshop materials. Workshops take place on client’s premises during office hours.

Who should attend: Applicable to all levels of management
Times: 08h30 – 11h30 or 12h30 – 15h30 (3 hours)
Numbers: Maximum 15 staff members