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Communication Skills Programme for Clear Speech

communication skills programme

Speak Easy with our Communication Skills Programme for Individuals

This communication skills programme consists of one-on-one sessions with the individual client to improve communications skills and confidence levels.

The Clear Speech Programme is focused on developing the physical communication skills of staff. This is applicable to people with unclear accents and forms of vocal weakness such as:

  • Vocal projection (speaking too softly, timidly or shouting)
  • Vocal pace and energy (speaking too quickly, slowly or sluggishly)
  • Vocal tone and variance (speaking with colour and expression)
  • Clear pronunciation (mumbling, mispronouncing etc.)

Please note that we are not trying to make anyone sound like the Queen! We are simply taking the native accent of the individual and working towards clarity of speech within the person’s natural sound to boost communications skills and improve confidence. The Clear Speech Programme is also strongly recommended for second-language English speakers, who often lack the confidence they have when speaking in their mother tongue.
Aside from vocal clarity the course addresses:

  • Using appropriate language and terminology (i.e. being aware of not being too familiar or casual when addressing guests)
  • Increasing self-confidence in our communications skills
  • Good body language and energy dynamic (e.g. slouching etc.)
  • Light Stress management and improved conflict resolution skills
  • Expanding reading skills and knowledge of the English language

10 Session Module for Individual Communications Skills

Method: In the initial 10 sessions we address the assessed goals of the individual. Each programme is uniquely designed with practical exercises, writing techniques and reading material that will address the individual’s areas of weakness. Other coaching methods employed are a vocal CD to practice.

Time Duration: Sessions will be 45 minutes to one hour in length and run twice a week for 3 weeks, and then go to once weekly. Due to the nature of speech and posture, it is essential to have continuity and regular practice so that the client can change speech habits and improve communications skills gradually and naturally.

All training is done on the Client’s premises at times which are mutually agreed upon by them and the facilitator.

Assessment: At the end of the 10 sessions, there is a review of both the progress made and areas that still need to be further addressed. It is important to note that sustained results are achieved only through thorough training and, while some of the goals will be met, further work may be required for others. A feedback report is given to management and a meeting arranged, if so required.

Package Proposals:

Materials Included: The client will receive the course notes and Vocal CD. Any books that the facilitator may deem of value to the client will be purchased by client.

*Please note that sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours will be billed
*Terms and conditions apply on confirmation