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Introduction to AHLE-X Seminars & Communication Workshops

June Public Workshops: Speak Easy Facilitators partners with AHLE-X to bring you our first Public Communication WorkshopsImprove individual and organisational performance with our practical
and empowering programmes which teach you to:

  • Explore trends
  • Fine-tune managerial and leadership skills and concepts that can be implemented easily.

We will be running courses and communication workshops throughout June and August. Speak Easy will be offering a selection of our most popular courses at an amazing discount as part of the programme.

To register or for additional information please contact us on:

AHLE-X : Professional Development Programmes

Telephone: 086 102 4539

Speak Easy Courses offered at AHLE-X

Coaching for Team Effectiveness

By Speak Easy Facilitators

18 June : 08.30 – 16.30
R2 200.00

  • Benefits the coaching process will have to your time; productivity & financials
  • How to assess if this is a coachable area of skill, attitude or behaviour
  • Benefits of assessing your personal areas of development as a manager in the coaching process
  • Self-reflection and the basics of emotional intelligence
  • The 4 steps of coaching
  • Identifying larger staff and productivity issues that you are missing on a daily basis

The Key to Getting Things Done

By Speak Easy Facilitators

24 June : 13.30 – 16.30
R1 100.00

  • How to successfully identify delegation opportunities
  • Where are your fears in delegation
  • The consequences of poor delegation and not delegating
  • Choosing the right person to delegate too
  • The basic steps of delegation, the importance of follow up
  • Delegation Plan of action
  • Assessing why your delegation has not succeeded (the difference between meeting the standard and having a style)

Being Assertive

By Speak Easy Facilitators

24 June : 08.30 – 12.30
R1 350.00

  • How to assess the different types of assertiveness
  • How to assess the appropriate contexts and times to be assertive
  • How to identify the inconsistencies in our business that are contributing to a culture of poor assertiveness
  • Defining healthy boundaries of assertiveness for the team
  • Assessing our personal areas of weakness when applying assertiveness
  • Steps to assist us create balanced assertiveness

Handling Conflict in Teams

By Speak Easy Facilitators

1 August : 08.30 – 12.30
R1 350.00

  • Differences in confronting a customer and a colleague
  • Procrastination & avoidance of confrontation
  • Addressing the small issues upfront
  • Managing confrontation when it does arise
  • Turning Conflict into a productive situation
  • Listening skills and managing your personal triggers in confrontation
  • Addressing money matters to do with conflict
  • Language choice and vocal dynamics
  • Find the opportunities in our conflicts: Choosing the right approach and attitude


Accounting Comes Alive

by David Welsh 5 June : 08.30 – 15.30 R2950.00
  • International Accounting Programme
  • Context and need for accounting
  • Accounting components, including the journal, general ledger and trial balance
  • Recording business transactions
  • Financial statements, balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
  • Interpreting the business story told by a set of accounts
  • Business acumen basics, financial communication and pitfalls
  • Application of learning to case studies, topics of interest and current affairs

Colour Psychology

By Margie Walker

7 – 8 June : 08.30 – 15.30
R 4200.00

  • How colour affects our emotions- moods and behaviour
  • Positive and negative effects of the basic colours
  • Colour groups and their messages, harmonious colours
  • Using colour to understand your client
  • Home and décor styles to suit individual personalities
  • Colours for the corporate environment & more

Exploring cross-border international business opportunities.

By Michael Gamwo

14 June : 11.00 – 12.30
R 650.00

  • Key prospects of expanding your Service business into Africa
  • Key challenges
  • Suggested approach for entering African markets
  • Institutional support available for businesses wanting to explore new markets
  • Other issues related to doing business in Africa
 If you’d like professional communications workshops and courses that can enhance your professional development, get hold of Speak Easy Facilitators today!
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