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Conquering the Insurmountable…One Step At a Time


I recently heard Jena Daitz speak  on what it took to achiever her dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. Scaling ‘Kili’ (Umbwe Route – one of the most difficult ones) was an awesome feat for Jena Daitz, a full time teacher and mom of two kids under 5 years old. It took 10 days with a group of women raising funds for ‘mothers who need support’! Here are just 4 of the many steps that stood out for me. I think each one is absolutely relevant to our work environments and how we achieve our goals.

What I got out of listening was this:

1.     Speak it to believe it:  Jena said that it started out as a casual, “Sure I’ll join the group and climb Kili” to “I AM climbing Kilimanjaro (Oy Vey!!!)”. Only by speaking it into being did she have the courage to actually get onto organising it and committing it. A thought remains a thought until you VOICE it into being! Making the time is never easy, but that is the only way to make space in our busy lives for quality engagements that fuel us to meet our daily obligations.
2.     Enlist a partner to help you achieve the goal: Jena inspired her sister into doing this journey with her. It was meaningful and together they encouraged each other. What is to stop us enlisting people in our work environments to help us achieve a goal beneficial to yourself and them at the same time?… Think about who on your team is like minded and wants to achieve your goal. Inspire them into collaborating!
3.     Create your surrounding support structures: Jena’s husband Craig was 100% behind her, as was her sister and brother-in- law. So was her community and friends, so she was able to enlist them all in supporting her to achieve this goal and look after the home fires while she scaled her heights! (Jena has long been part of a community and this was the community’s turn to support her, as she did them on a regular basis. Her friend network was also amazing!)
4.     One Step at a Time: The Kilimanjaro guide categorically told them not to –“ Ask him what the time was? How long before they were at their destinations? How far away were they from summiting?” Sometimes not speaking is critical!!!
I thought this highlighted perfectly our obsession with meeting time frames in the micro dynamic. Sometimes you have to set a general goal of time and work within the free flow of how you get to that goal. If you are too rigid and obsessed, you can expend more energy on worrying than simply taking one step at a time to get to the summit.

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