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Corporate and Group Workshops

  • Clear Business Communication Programme

    Clear business communication within the corporate structure is absolutely essential to the running of an effective, efficient and energised operation. Miscommunication often causes friction and festering grievances that manifest as blocks in the working environment. Read more

  • Powerful Presentations Workshop

    When people think of “Presentations!” they immediately think of standing up in front of a large group of people, using technical equipment and experiencing heightened stress levels. However there are many circumstances in which we require skills for presentation other than formal presentations. A few examples are:

    Representing your business and brand at social engagements and informal settings
    Convincing people to support your perspective or plan of action internally
    Motivating and inspiring your staff with engaging skills for presentation

    People deliver presentations every single day, so make sure you have the correct tools to communicate powerfully and skills for presentation to make the most of these wonderful opportunities! Read more

  • Brand Communications Workshop

    The Brand Communications Workshop is geared towards unifying the internal team of any department within an organisation to produce more effective Communications Skills. Read more

  • Media Training Workshop

    Our Media Training Workshops aim to teach and coach those faced with the media to deal effectively with journalists and the press, both in South Africa and internationally. Attendees typically include CEOs, sports celebrities, media liaisons and other individuals who deal with the media as part of their work. Read more