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Clear Business Communication Programme

Clear business communication within the corporate structure is absolutely essential to the running of an effective, efficient and energised operation. Miscommunication often causes friction and festering grievances that manifest as blocks in the working environment.

The group communication programme allows the team to clearly define what the communication gaps are and how best to develop the team to strengthen those gaps. It also allows the individuals to apply the practical skills of clear business communication and work to strengthen their individual areas of weakness surrounding this vital skill. The programme is designed over a period of months to ensure sustained results.

Some of the destructive ways these blocks may manifest themselves are:

  • Poor listening skills and lack of ability to produce outcomes-driven solutions because of poor business communication
  • Lack of consciousness, responsibility and creativity in the workplace
  • Volatile eruptions and communications
  • Harmful and unclear communication between staff, management and clients
  • Poor confidence levels, initiative and taking things personally
  • Unmotivated and apathetic execution of work and poor energy levels
  • Bad conflict resolution skills and negative attitudes in business communication
  • Unnecessary increases in stress levels and poor time management
  • An unwillingness to see the bigger vision of the company and the individual’s place within it

Assessing the Value of Clear Business Communication

Creating a respectful and co-operative work environment with the simple art of clear business communication among employees goes a long way to making a happy and motivated individual. This ultimately means a more productive and profitable individual and team member. Once you have a focused, energised and committed staff, this will have an enormous impact on your Customer Service. Investing in soft skills and business communication development also increases chances of staff retention, loyalty and counters the costs of retraining. These areas of conflict and weakness can be replaced with improved systems and interpersonal skills, which serve both the individual and the business. This workshop would be aimed initially at the Publishers and would follow them through a process over several weeks of development and addressing areas of both group and personal interest.

We at Speak Easy Facilitators equip the individual with a business communication toolkit which helps staff to address their personal areas of weakness in communication. We provide perspective and insight into how to overcome bad communication habits that have been reinforced over the years.

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Assessment Interview for Business Communication

This is a meeting between management and the facilitator in order to establish:

  • Who will be attending the workshop
  • What their role and function is in the business
  • What their areas of weakness are perceived to be
  • What the management goals are for optimum communication
  • Dividing the initial 8 -10 hour workshop into suitable time blocks
  • Whether there should be any individual sessions for certain staff before commencing group work (these sessions are billed separately to the group hourly rate)

It also serves to establish the work policy of the company, what they require from their employees and the image and vision they wish to project both internally and externally through their business communication and branding. This workshop can be tailor -made to management’s requirements.

Method: In these sessions we address the goals of the individual, as well as the foundations of good business communication. Personal vision and a vision of how the individual may contribute productively to the company are also developed.

We also set group goals for the team and the service that they wish to give customers, as well as the environment they wish to create.

Each programme is uniquely designed with exercises, writing techniques, reading material and assignments that will address the individual’s areas of weakness and how it impacts on the group. There will be a session where video recording takes place, as well as a final presentation on the book chosen by each participant.

Time Duration: The workshops take place over a period of weeks and are divided mainly into 2-hour sessions, though the initial session may be 4 hours. The first 3 sessions will be scheduled weekly and the remaining sessions every fortnight. Please note that the facilitator may recommend an extra session midway through training if there is an area that appears to need more intensive work during the course.

All training is done on the client’s premises at times which are mutually agreed upon.

Final Assessment: At the end of the workshop there is a review of both the progress made and areas that still need to be further addressed with the individual and the group. It is important to note that sustained results are achieved only through thorough training and, while some of the goals will be met, further work may be required for others. A feedback report is given to management and a meeting arranged.

Materials: Each participant is given a Communications folder and all notes during the course. The client will be required to purchase all books that are used as part of the prescribed reading section of the course. The client will also be required to provide a television for playback during our video recorded session.

Please Note: Any sessions cancelled without sufficient notice will be billed