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Media Training Workshop

Media training workshop

Our Media Training Workshop aims to teach and coach those faced with the media to deal effectively with journalists and the press, both in South Africa and internationally. Attendees typically include CEOs, sports celebrities, media liaisons, and other individuals who deal with the media as part of their work.

The bespoke Media Training Workshops offer an insight into the internal workings of all types of media (print, radio and television), as well as coaching and empowering to deal with media in a positive and effective manner to enhance communications skills.

Attendees are taught communications skills like positive answering, brand building and crisis management.  Our practical Media Training  Workshop includes tools and techniques for tackling stress, nerves and inhibitions when in front of the media.

Physical skills, such as body language, vocal dynamic, pace, and choice of language when holding interviews, are addressed, as are the dos and don’ts of handling interviews. Test interviews, with all the pressures of the real-life situation, enable participants to put the knowledge gained during our Speaking Courses into effective and sustainable action.

Here are some details about the different media training workshops Speak Easy offers:

Media Training Workshop 1

The first aspect of Media training is a basic and generic foundation of the Media and its facts. This is important for those who are not particularly media savvy in terms of media relationships and how the media operates. It is also a great refresher and perspective shifter for those more jaded participants who have got into bad media patterns and relationships. This is a 4-hour workshop and can hold between 12-15 participants per workshop.

It offers a very basic introduction to the camera as well as to good body language and performance which form part of this day’s training in the form of interactive group exercises.

Media Training Workshop 2 (this workshop can be repeated several times for the group)

The second Media training workshop will be focused more on camera and interview techniques and the basics of good body language and performance of each individual. It will also recreate several situations in the local media.

It will be almost entirely centred on having the various kinds of interviews that the participants will encounter and how to address them. This is a day of purely practical application in front of the camera with various interviewing situations and styles. We will duplicate with actors, camera men and feedback sessions demonstrating how various interviewing formats require a varied approach.

The range of formats would extend from the daily news coverage, sports and entertainment, to the SABC 3 late night debate interview, to the Noleen interview, to the children’s daytime television interviews or any other industry-specific formats.

Prior to the day we would select the range of interviews formats that best suit the candidates, as well as format the questions with the input of the organisation. This course will only hold between 6-8 candidates at a time due to the nature of the intense individual attention. The training will also take place over a full day. After the day, there will be a review session with participants and management in order to give feedback on the interviews that were shot on this day.

Media Training Workshop 3

The third part of our Media training is Radio and International Press Interviews.

This will be an opportunity to sit in a Radio studio and be interviewed by a journalist. You will also hear playback on the vocal tone and delivery and learn how to engage the listener with your voice, which is especially important in the medium of radio.

The international section will cover journalist’s insights from around the world and their style of interviewing. It is of enormous importance for our politicians to be brand- and media-savvy when in the international arena. We will have the opportunity to do a crowd media interview, where there are lots of journalists firing questions at our candidates en masse. This course will only hold between 6-8 candidates at a time due to the nature of the intense individual attention. The training will also take place over a full day.

Media Workshop 4

The fourth media workshop deals with the written media and how to best formulate written releases which are powerfully worded. For this section, we will have a Public Relations expert as well as a journalist.

Before the training commences, Speak Easy Facilitators and the client will collaborate on all interview content, interview questions and approaches. Our programmes are designed to meet each client’s specific needs and requirements, in order to produce the powerful training results that we do.