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Individual Communications Skills Coaching Programme

Communications Skills Coaching for Individuals

This programme consists of one-on-one sessions with the individual client to improve and enhance communications skills in all aspects of your life.

Communications skills in today’s world are of the utmost importance, and a set of effective communications skills is something with which most of us need much help. These people skills are an essential part of today’s business arena, ensuring a productive working environment.

At Speak Easy Facilitators we seek to equip the individual with a Communication Toolkit to address areas of weakness with regard to personal communication skills. Developing one’s soft skills is the only way to ensure that you have all the vital information you need to adapt to and get the best out of your environment at all times.


Although each individual has a unique profile, here are some of the areas most commonly addressed:

  • Lack of confidence in our communications skills when dealing with authority figures or pressurised situations (This can be anything from anxiety when answering the phone to feeling tongue-tied and frozen when in high-level meetings or pressured situations)
  • Poor ability to construct information for a dynamic, direct and concise delivery
  • Poor delegation and time-management skills
  • Poor listening and empathy skills – this often leads to impatient and reactive communication
  • Poor ego management and overly aggressive communication – this often leads to poor conflict resolution skills and rigid choices
  • Negative attitudes and destructive communication choices
  • Under-developed ability to think creatively, initiate and create solutions
  • Poor body language and physical presentation (including eye contact)
  • Poor vocal delivery e.g. vocal projection, pronunciation, pace and energy when delivering information or instructions
  • Uninspiring and limited use of the English language
  • Addressing cultural differences and approaches when in a Western Business environment

Programme Structure:

The initial interview:

A brief meeting with the direct management is optional, to set mutually satisfactory goals for both parties (objectives can be emailed). In cases where the training is for top-level management, self-ascertained weaknesses and goals are established.

10 Hours Module:

Method: In the initial 10 sessions we address the assessed goals of the individual. Each programme is uniquely designed with exercises, writing techniques and reading material that will address the individual’s areas of weakness. Other coaching methods employed are the use of video recording and a vocal CD to improve communications skills, when necessary.

As well as the individual’s established goals, throughout these sessions the basis of good communications skills in the workplace is clarified and defined. Personal vision and a vision of how the individual may contribute productively to the company are also developed.

Time Duration: Sessions will vary between one hour and 1 hour 30 minutes in length on a weekly to fortnightly basis. All communications skills training is done on the Client’s premises at times which are mutually agreed upon by them and the facilitator.

Assessment: At the end of the 10 hours, there is a review of both the progress made and areas that still need to be further addressed. It is important to note that sustained results are achieved only through thorough training and, while some of the goals will be met, further work may be required for others. A feedback report is given to management and a meeting arranged, if so required.

Materials: The client will be required to purchase all books that are used as part of the prescribed reading section of the course.

*Please note that sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours will be billed
*Terms and conditions apply on confirmation