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  1. 12th Feb 2013

    In my first session with Marisa, I recall being very surprised that our company had agreed to spend both money and time to allow individuals and teams to undergo coaching. Over the course of time I started to realise why. What a brilliant investment our coaching proved to be.

    Without confrontation or judgement, Marisa skillfully guided us to drop our masks and examine our lenses. Everything was very real-world (no wierdness). We were easily able to put things into practice and quickly see results. Over and above that Marisa has encouraged us to keep things up.

    A great big thank you to my company and to Marisa for an invaluable experience that has helped me grow as an employee, an individual and a mother.

  2. 09th Feb 2013

    I have worked with Marisa on more than one occasion where she has been brought in to work with individuals and groups within our organisation.
    Marisa is very supportive and will develop a plan of action that is suitable for the individual or the group dependent on the needs at the time.

    People in the organisation that may have resisted in the beginning eventually found working with Marisa very beneficial and through regular sessions have been able to meet their personal and team goals.

    Marisa is easy to work with, firm yet understanding and works well at all levels within the organisation. She excels at breaking down communication barriers in teams, across teams and coaching people to improve their communication skills.

  3. 18th Nov 2012

    Thank you Speak Easy for your great communications workshop. All of us here at VTR have doubled our productivity and increased the quality of our work.

    Kind Regards

    Gavin Price
    Creative Director – VTR Partners

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