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Lee-Anne Finds the Value in Assertiveness


Your contribution holds weight. Your opinion counts.

In a recent Assertiveness Workshop the participants calculated the cost – literally – of not being assertive. They were shocked to see what it cost them! Participants calculated the impact of not voicing their opinion, behaving in a non-assertive way and not speaking up. They saw it was not only to their detriment but cost the company in time, money and effectiveness.

Participants explored, unpacked and measured stressful conditions within their own working environments. With Speak Easy communication tools and role play they assessed and contained harmful reactionary situations. A very successful and enlightening day. Holding your tongue, avoiding putting down your boundaries or standing by while a colleague or a superior vents their frustration, is simply not productive.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. You need to treat yourself with respect. Assertiveness does not in any way include impolite, disrespectful  and  offensive behaviour.  Assertiveness is knowing your worth.

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