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Like Chocolate for Change

If life really is a box of chocolates I would like my life to be a Lindt chocolate box! Speak Easy would like to sweeten what could be a potentially unpalatable change experience with a dynamic and interactive format that will have you asking for more!

Speak Easy Facilitators has created a Change and Transformation workshop that is not only fun and team building, but actively takes the team through the chocolate making process and gives you some sweet reward for your labour!

The team will be taught how to make their very own chocolate truffles by our Lindt chocolatiers. Along the way we will also unpack the changes within the team that have occurred over the last year and the changes yet to come.

Change is unsettling and impacts many different levels of the team, from collegial and client relationships to daily functions and clarity on the team vision moving forward.

We look at the following concepts of change with your team:

  • Properties of transformation: transforming a raw material of cocoa into a quality product – how does this reflect in your business?
  • Are you following the correct steps to take your raw potential through to a refined product?
  • Assessing the poor practices that can produce poor product in your team.
  • Assessing what you did as a team and a business actively to refine your product to produce a quality experience with customers.
  • Your personal dynamics – what kind of chocolate truffle are you in the box of chocolates?


3 Hour Workshop –  7 people R 7 500.00
(Prices Vary group dependent) Up to 13 people per workshop