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Lumina Spark Portrait Tool


Lumina Spark Portraits and Training for Communication Skills

Lumina Spark Portrait is an in-depth tool for identifying 24 characteristics and areas of development for staff in three states. This wonderful tool enables training for communication skills and allows the individual to acknowledge the paradoxes of personality and how to maximise those for the appropriate situations.

The profile allows us to:

  • Spark discussion and ask questions around our strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess where we can utilise dormant, underlying qualities in our everyday communications practice to maximise ourselves through training for communication skills
  • Further assess where we are inconsistent and could be sending contradictory messages to staff and colleagues alike
  • Assess where our needs for training for communication skills are different to others and how we can best serve one another’s needs in the work place
  • Be conscious of areas that could trigger us unwittingly
  • Demonstrate that we can be equally balanced and hold ‘contradictory’ qualities at the same time e.g. being accommodating and tough or conceptual and practical
  • Bring up discussion around areas that are proving challenging
  • See that we can grow in our communication practices and that we are not just ‘born that way’ through the appropriate training for communication skills!

It illustrates the three states that we exercise each of these 24 qualities in:

1. Our everyday dealings (Everyday)
2. Our natural and unfiltered tendencies, comfort zones (Underlying)
3. Our stressed and pressured state (Overextended).

E.g. Intimacy: This quality will have a reading for Underlying, Everyday and Overextended. The readings do not always increase or decrease as expected and thus spark questions surrounding the communication habits one practices.

Each of the 24 qualities has these 3 readings.

Continuously Growing Philosophy:

The Lumina Spark maintains it is a snapshot of how we are at this moment and time in our lives and does not pigeon-hole or label people. It therefore allows for constant growth and understanding of the different qualities we need to apply at different times in our life and career etc. It gives the individual a greater understanding of their complexity, their paradoxes of strengths and weaknesses in apparently contradicting areas. It assists to strengthen their Everyday and Overextended character tools.

Training for Communication Skills With a 10 Session Module

Method: In the initial 10 sessions we address the assessed goals of the individual, as well as using the Lumina profile. Each programme is uniquely designed with exercises, writing techniques and reading material that will address the individual’s areas of weakness and provide the necessary training for communication skills.

As well as the individual’s established goals, throughout these sessions the basis of good communication in the workplace is clarified and defined. Personal vision and a vision of how the individual may contribute productively to the company are also developed.

Time Duration: Sessions will vary between one hour and 1 hour 30 minutes in length on a weekly to fortnightly basis. All training is done on the Client’s premises at times which are mutually agreed upon by them and the facilitator.
Logistics: Each of the clients fills in a 25-minute questionnaire on-line and then goes through the feedback with the Communications Coach.
Numbers: 1 person per session (unless otherwise arranged)
Venue: On client’s premises

All training programmes are subject to terms and conditions and a signed contract upon confirmation of training.

*Please note that sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours will be billed
*Terms and conditions apply on confirmation