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The Lumina Spark Team Build Workshop

Each Person gets their own unique profile!

Lumina Spark Portrait is perfect to create unity in teams, integrate new teams and work on personal
communication areas which need to be strengthened within the group.

Lumina is an in-depth tool for identifying 24 communications and behaviour characteristics that
operate in 3 separate states: Unfiltered (Underlying), Filtered (Everyday) and Crises or
Under Pressure (Overextended) States.

This wonderful tool allows the individual and the team to understand one another’s communication style more effectively. It also helps us support one another in stressful work situations.

Outcomes: Strengthening team and client relationships/improving team communications for better productivity/ Understanding one another’s communication needs and the teams’ challenges more effectively

Time: 1 Full Day (Team Build) or 2 Day Workshop (In depth)

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