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Netafim EMEA Leadership Communications Session

Marisa Sarfatti skilfully managed to get to the heart of a very sensitive topic in our Leadership Team in just a couple of hours with excellent feedback from the group and very successful results for an opening conversation. While this was an introductory communications session with our Netafim EMEA Leadership, Marisa facilitated us to a very in depth and engaged discussion on one of our most critical issues. Many of the group said they wished this session was the first thing to start our 3 day Africa Conference, as it prepared the group to have highly productive and focused communications around sensitive issues. Without a doubt this short session paved the way for a later discussion that would not have been anywhere near as successful without our morning communications session. The leadership group was clearly focusing on the bigger picture and creative solutions by the end rather than their own agendas and regional interests.

One of our key MD’s feedback was that the session was “inspiring, productive and with great energy.” We are currently working on implementing a communications programme with Marisa and her company Speak Easy Facilitators (SEF) into our Netafim Africa Operations. We are also excited that SEF operates in both Israel and South Africa, which allows us to address multiple operations.

I absolutely recommend Marisa Sarfatti to coach and facilitate any area to do with communications – she is excellent!

Yigal Mazor
EMEA Commercial Manager Africa MD

July 21st, 2014 Posted by admin Filed in: Articles

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