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NLP Coaching for Individuals

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming explores your personal relationship with how you think, how you communicate and how you are programmed according to a set of patterns and behaviours you’ve developed over time.

NLP Coaching is an exploratory programme consisting of one-one-one sessions with an individual client to unpack their current thoughts and behaviour patterns and transform these into a powerful set of tools to enjoy a successful and prosperous life. It is a very intimate and intensive process, which requires the individual to explore the core level over a month of coaching.

These sessions seek to equip the individual with increased self understanding, rapport, communication skills and goal setting techniques that result in more effective engagement with their personal and business world.


  • Identify and work through any limitations that hold you back in business and in life
  • Create a new path of ongoing personal growth through self awareness and self empowerment
  • Challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs
  • Develop clearly defined short, medium and long term goals
  • Increase confidence, self esteem and levels of motivation
  • Enhance your personal and business relationships
  • Manage stress and create a state of sustained high performance
  • Ultimately, discover and eliminate the barriers to achieving what you want to achieve

Programme Structure


  • The 10 hour NLP program can be created according to client specific needs, with the total program completed within 1 month.
  • Sessions can run between 1h30 to 3hrs at a time, with the most preferable being run over 4 sessions at 2h30 each.
  • No materials are required from the client for these sessions.
  • Ideally, these sessions are run within office hours in a closed, uninterrupted space.

*Please note that sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours will be billed
*Terms and conditions apply on confirmation