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Parting Shots for 2014

At the end of the year or the beginning of a new one, it is always great to reflect on the Change that has happened in your business.

In our facilitated discussion we look at what the Wins were, where the losses could have been more effectively dealt with & what are our next steps forward.

Speak Easy Facilitators has created a deep discussion workshop that is not only fun and team building, but actively takes the team through the chocolate making process and gives you some sweet reward for your labour!

It’s a wonderful way to end 2014 or begin 2015.

Time: 2.5 Hours Group size dependant

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This year was about taking the shots! Some were okay, a couple bombed but many of them ROCKED! I was no worse off from the ‘okay shots’. I learned valuable, sometimes humbling lessons from ‘the bombed shots’ and I felt unbelievable joy and peace from the ‘ROCKED shots’.

Conclusion: I am richer for taking my shots.

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