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Powerful Presentations: What You Need to Know (Technical industries take note!)

A couple of clients have been in need of our one-on-one presentation coaching sessions. This is where we come in as ‘presentation busters’ and work with you for 2 hours at a time, focusing solely on the presentation at hand. We allow you to focus on the professional content while you help you to style and deliver it with power.

We had a few IT/Software companies this month and we realised we were seeing the same trend in very technical industries. Often we are doing presentations to a range of people for a variety of reasons whether it’s as an introduction to our product, an AGM, or a high stake board meeting. Most of the audiences that you present to are business people – the business owner, management, CFO’s, potential sellers of your product – (unless it’s fellow tecchies focusing on a functional presentation). You need to speak to what interests and is useful to them.

When you are presenting complex product ideas, technical people often want to drill down into the detail (because that’s what they do and they’re good at!). Beware!!!! Over complicating your power point is a death sentence!

Three top tips:

1.       Ask if the slide is necessary (Unless it’s a wrap up slide)

2.       Define what your audience is going to gain emotionally from the slide you show them and how it will help them make a better decision! Do they need this slide to feel supported, inspired or safe?

3.       Use imagery and visuals to make your points not looooooong sentences!

Here’s a thought: why don’t you see if you can do a presentation only using your power point to illustrate 1 or 2 points – almost like you would run a video clip. Presenting is creating a conversation between the audience and the presenter, that’s harder to do if everyone is hypnotised by a screen. Power point is an illustration tool and not your tool for trying to remember what the next point in your presentation is. Don’t just say it – own it!


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