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Powerful Presentations Workshop

When people think of “Presentations!”, they immediately think of standing up in front of a large group of people, using technical equipment and experiencing heightened stress levels. However, there are many circumstances in which we require skills for presentation other than formal presentations. A few examples are:

  • Representing your business and brand at social engagements and informal settings
  • Convincing people to support your perspective or plan of action internally
  • Motivating and inspiring your staff with engaging skills for presentation
  • People deliver presentations every single day, so make sure you have the correct tools to communicate powerfully and skills for presentation to make the most of these wonderful opportunities!

Powerful Presentations aims to equip your team with vital skills for presentation

  • Train people to communicate their ideas and thoughts powerfully and effectively
  • Provide practical tools for constructing both formal and informal presentations
  • Adapt the source message to suit the target audience, so that they can understand clearly and with ease
  • Improve the utilisation of dynamic language (How to speak your Brand)
  • Improve body language and physical presentation (How to embody your Brand)
  • Identify and enhance your personal style and delivery
  • Provide techniques for managing stress and nerves
  • Enliven presenting statistics
  • Enliven current presentations that are dry and stagnant with dynamic skills for presentation
  • Develop the use of visual Aids appropriate to enhance presentation
  • Strengthen improvising techniques and impromptu speaking
  • Develop fielding objections and answering questions
  • Increase self-confidence and presence in the presentation arena

Speak Easy Facilitators’ Philosophy on Skills for Presentation

We at Speak Easy Facilitators believe that presentation is an extension of effective communication. You are not just presenting facts and data to your audience to convince them of your perspective. Rather, you are embodying both your company and personal brand in mind, body and voice. It is an integrated experience that required high quality skills for presentation.

We believe that presentation skills are the conscious delivery of your brand and you as a person in the world. Often we are not clear in our thoughts as to what or how we even want to present our brand and its message. And, more often, our intentions and thoughts are not supported by our physical presentation and public actions.

Course outline:

Courses are tailored to focus on techniques most useful to the client’s industry.

Section 1: What are our Brand and our united message? (Alignment)
Section 2: Who is our audience and how do we deliver it? (Formal and Informal)
Section 3: Mechanicals of a good presentation (Structure, Content and Flow)
Section 4: Creativity in our presentation (Includes AV)
Section 5: Physical and Vocal delivery techniques
Section 6: Harnessing your nerves
Section 7: Practising presentations by candidates

Please Note: Powerful Presentations lays the foundations, provides the tools and identifies the areas of training that the individual needs to focus on going forward. While there are presentation exercises to enhance your presentation skills during the course, the focus is on the learning.

We strongly recommend that clients invest in a post-workshop Presentation Coaching Package, so that candidates are able to practise their techniques and master their delivery with our Presentation coaches. This ensures integrated learning.

Course Logistics:

  • Powerful Presentations is a 2-day workshop.
  • Times are approximately 08h30 until 14h30/15h00 (Times may be adjusted within reason to suit clients and depend on the size of the group).
  • Workshops can contain a maximum of 8-10 people (Smaller groups preferred).
  • Initial meeting to align with Management and Company Brand message.
  • Management and all participants will be asked to complete an outcomes sheet before the course commences. This will establish for both parties if goals have been achieved.
  • Each candidate is asked to prepare 2 small presentations.
  • Each participant receives a manual and a Vocal Exercises CD.
  • Certain sections of the workshop are shot on camera for purposes of instruction when possible (This is optional on request).
  • The workshop is held on the company premises and the company must provide a training room, flip charts and television for playback.
  • Post-workshop there is a feedback session with the client H.R.

Individual Presentations Coaching Package

We strongly encourage clients to invest in this package after the workshop.

A Customised Package to Enhance Your Presentation Skills

As a busy workforce we often don’t have the time to go on 2-day presentation skills courses. Alternatively, even when we have attended proper basic training, which is very useful for laying the foundations, we either need to practice those techniques, need to urgently address a particular presentation that is important or simply need a refresher.

The Individual Presentations Coaching Package gives your staff an immediate support tool to assist them in projecting the best company image possible to clients and colleagues alike by enhancing their presentation skills through an intensive coaching process.

Speak Easy’s Presentation Packages are a minimum of 10 hours and can be used by either one person or numerous company employees. These one-hour individual sessions provide the candidate an opportunity to work collaboratively with a Personal Presentations Coach who will focus on their specific presentation message and content, their audiences’ needs and help to strengthen their areas of presentation weakness overall.

Our coaches can assist you from the very beginning to devise, construct and physically present a more effective and dynamic presentation. We can also assist you to revitalise your standard presentations. We assist both in-person and with telephonic sessions.

Our Presentation Coaches can assist you with the following presentation skills:
  • How to communicate your ideas and thoughts powerfully and effectively within a captivating time frame
  • How to brainstorm ideas, concepts and approaches for your presentations
  • Ways to enliven your current presentations that are dry and stagnant
  • Making your presentation skills more engaging by enlivening presenting statistics
  • Develop the use of visual aids to enhance presentations
  • Identify and develop your personal presentation style and delivery (e.g. work on eradicating any distracting habits)
  • Adapt your core messages to suit the target audience so that they can understand clearly and relate easily (e.g. Youth market, laypersons market, environmental market etc.)
  • Strengthen improvising techniques and impromptu speaking
  • Develop effectively fielding objections and answering questions
  • Provide practical tools for constructing both formal & informal presentations
  • Improving the utilisation of dynamic language
  • Improve body language, energy and vocal delivery (including how to play to an intimate space versus a large audience)
  • Improve physical presentation (dress, beauty, health)
  • Provide techniques for managing stress and nervousness to make your presentation skills more confident
  • Increase self- confidence and presence in the presentation arena

Please note that the coach is also available to watch your presentations in meetings and give feedback. (Sessions can be recorded if permitted.)


  • Each session is a minimum of one hour in length and will only cater to one person per session (please clarify if you require 2 or more hours consecutively).
  • Please contact our coaches within a minimum of 48 hours to set up an appointment (24 hours in cases of emergency) whether physically on premises or telephonically.
  • Please give the coach a briefing as to your presentation requirements when setting up an appointment and the coach will ascertain what is necessary.
  • Please note that sessions cancelled less than 24 hours will be billed.
  • Please note that we have coaches available in JHB and CT to physically coach you. All are available telephonically for content discussions.

Who should attend?

Management of all levels, sales staff, supervisors, team leaders and any staff that have to present both internally, as well as to clients and in public arenas.


Clients’ premises (Client will be responsible for booking training/meeting rooms for sessions, preferably with televisions for filmed playback when required.)

Time, booking & billing

  • The candidate/company will be able to book 1 to several hours per day with a coach. A minimum of 1 hour is billable irrespective of whether the full hour is used.
  • Phone consultations will be billed at a minimum of 30 minutes per session. The client will be responsible to phone into the coach for the session.
  • Any client that is more than 20 minutes in travelling time will be billed a travel rate.