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Corporate Training: Giving and Receiving Criticism

corporate training : dealing with criticism

Criticism in the workplace can often lead to uncomfortable situations without the necessary corporate training : staff not seeing the bigger picture, volatility and, more often than not, unnecessarily stressful elements. None of us like to admit that we are not perfect and we don’t want to be reminded about it in a professional environment either. Like it or not, it is one of those inevitabilities in the workplace and we need to develop the necessary communications skills to be able to deliver and receive criticism constructively. Our corporate training approach addresses all this and more.

The objectives of this corporate training workshop include:

  • Avoidance of criticism
  • Poor confidence levels when delivering criticism
  • Harmful, reactive and unclear communication when criticising
  • Poor listening and communications skills when receiving criticism
  • Removing the volatile eruptions and emotional reactions around criticism
  • Productive language choice and communications skills when delivering criticism
  • Dispelling negative attitudes and perceptions of criticism
  • How to ensure that criticism is absorbed and implemented
  • The value of acknowledgement

Workshop Structure: This workshop takes place in two parts on separate days for maximum effect.

Emotions, Communications Skills and Criticism

Part 1: The first part of the workshop will establish the basics for both delivering and receiving productive criticism. We will also look at each individual’s weak areas surrounding criticism and how to strengthen it to be effective and constructive.

Part 2: The second part of the workshop enables each staff member to express to their colleagues what they require from them when they are criticized. This section of the workshop also offers the opportunity for each staff member to deliver a work criticism to each of their colleagues. This will not only enable the individuals to each hear a criticism objectively but to express how they perceive the criticism from their colleagues.

All staff will be occupied simultaneously and no one person will be singled out.

All workshops are practical and interactive, including hand-outs and workshop materials. Workshops take place on client’s premises during office hours.

Who should attend:
All levels of staff most welcome!
Times: 08h30 – 10h30 or 12h30 – 14h30 x 2 sessions (4 hours total)
Numbers: Maximum 15 staff members
Terms & conditions applicable on confirmation of workshops