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The Art of Email Etiquette

We’ve all had that moment of realisation where we know that our email for business communication has spiralled out of control and taken over our time, rational decision-making and created friction in our business relationships. And, while emails may present problems at some point, they are necessary in the business world. How do you find the balance?

How To Use Emails For Effective Business Communication

Remember it’s not what you say but how you say it that often counts, and this is one of the key areas we will focus on in this workshop while learning to develop effective business communication.

Email communication remains one of the main causes of miscommunication, tension and huge time wastage in companies. It also allows us to be far bolder and more impulsive than if we were face-to-face with the person. We will be dealing with how to be aware of the pitfalls of email for business communication and how to make use of emails for more effective and efficient communication.


This workshop will address the following:

  • Understanding and implementing professional email appearance (fonts, grammar, colours etc.)
  • Time managing emails and email follow up
  • What are the boundaries between the formality and professionalism on email and being friendly
  • How to assess what a potentially bad email situation looks like (also the type of email situations which re-occur in your department)
  • Choosing the most productive tone, language choice and visual for the email (attitude and approach)
  • Understanding your email senders’ perspectives
  • Understanding your personal trigger points for reacting to provocative emails
  • The correct etiquette with regards to group emails and how to use the ‘cc’ tool professionally

All workshops are practical and interactive and include handouts and certain workshop materials. Workshops take place on the client’s premises during office hours.

Who should attend: Applicable to all staff levels
Times: 08h30 – 11h30 or 12h30 – 15h30 (3 – 3.5 hours, size-dependent)
Numbers: Maximum 15 staff members
Terms & conditions applicable on confirmation of workshops