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Managing Grey Areas with Staff

It is often the small things in a work environment that accumulate the most impact over time and create the most frustrations amongst staff and management alike, and sometimes all that is required is training for communication skills to enable use to identify and work on these areas.

These “grey areas‟ are not always visible at first and may take many months to produce unproductive and possibly devastating impacts. These areas that can be hard to identify without the proper training for communication skills can often hinder operations and take time from us as managers, as well as create problems within the team and ultimately impact the delivery and relationship with clients.


This workshop will be looking at techniques that address the following grey areas:

Saving Time and Money

  • How to stop taking on staff tasks as a manager and thus diverting your time from more strategic and important tasks
  • How to assess where you are losing staff productivity through distractions and redirect that time back into the workday e.g. smoke breaks, cellphone, office chats, over-detailed work delivery etc.
  • Using emails, meetings and informal training for communication skills effectively
  • How to identify and address small issues before they become big issues with even bigger financial consequences

Creating Productive Environments With Training for Communication Skills

  • Defining boundaries with colleagues and staff that have previously been on your working level (Particularly affects managers promoted from within the company)
  • Empowering staff to take responsibility, bring ideas and take initiative
  • The consequences of not following up with staff and being consistent
  • Putting a stop to office gossip and moaning

Creating Productive Staff attitudes

  • How to balance assertiveness with flexibility (Tyrant versus Pushover)
  • How to address the “sense of entitlement” and stagnant attitudes with staff

All workshops are practical and interactive, including hand-outs and workshop materials. Workshops take place on client’s premises during office hours.

Who should attend: Management, supervisors and team leaders.
Times: 08h30 – 12h30 or 12h30 – 16h30 (4 hours)
Numbers: Maximum 15 staff members
Terms & conditions applicable on confirmation of workshops