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The Golden Art of Listening and Ego Management

If silence is golden, are you getting richer or poorer in your business? Have you calculated how much poor listening skills have cost you in both time and money? Misinformation, redoing work, poor relationships with staff and clients and wasted time are just a few of the symptoms of costly listening skills that impact on your business communication.

Often, assuming we already know something, skimming over a document, or not being fully present and conscious when a colleague or customer communicates with us causes us to make errors by not listening properly, impacting on the quality of work we produce, and often on the customer experience and business profitability.

The Importance of Listening & Ego Management for Effective Business Communication

Effective listening skills are a vital component of creating a fluid and productive working environment and a highly underrated form of business communication. Our workshop will teach you how to wrestle your ego into submission during those moments that you are required to concentrate on someone else and focus fully on what is required of you.


This workshop will address the following:

  • Basic listening and business communication techniques: not making assumptions, listening in conflict situations, missing vital or detailed information
  • The listening skills most often ignored
  • Being present and connected while listening
  • Managing your Ego when listening
  • Addressing personal areas of weakness in listening (Red Flags)
  • Identifying the work situations that have repeat patterns of poor listening
  • How to become an active listener, to extract the most out of every situation

All workshops are practical and interactive, including hand-outs and workshop materials. Workshops take place on client’s premises during office hours.

Who should attend: Applicable to all staff levels
Times: 08h30 – 12h30 or 12h30 – 16h30 (4 hours)
Numbers: Maximum 15 staff members
Terms & conditions applicable on confirmation of workshops