“This was an outstanding experience!”

Christine Visagie

BDCE Staffing Solutions

“The workshops have helped us learn more about tackling some of our sampling obstacles e.g. dealing with large numbers of potential consumers or dealing with people who don’t believe in the product.”

Sarah Koch

Red Bull Samplers Workshop

“The training was really interactive and fun. Great job by all!”


Trainer Cell C

The workshop was clear and to the point, just excellent. It was very informative and had an great facilitator.


Manager, Dawn Wing

The Presentations Workshop was excellent and it will assist me in my new role. It enjoyed it thoroughly and will apply all the information.

Lisa Schmidt

Radisson Blu CT

“Very useful information – applies not only to customers but helps you to deal more effectively with all people.”

R. Rheeder

Crawfords Blinds

“I appreciate the fact that my coach was sensitive to my position and circumstances and did adapt and alter the format accordingly – Resulting in a much more successful exercise.”

Felicia Steyn

Training & Development Manager, Environ

“The workshop was excellent and I particularly learned about the areas of implementing clear authority lines, as well as time calculation. It was very well presented. “

Maryka Loubser

Hyflo Southern Africa

“I found the exercises and reading material in the Communications Programme very useful. I also learned that it’s the small things that can big differences such as building relationships with a smile, saying thank you and making time to listen...

Randall Hendricks

S&G Signs

The communications workshop was very nicely outlined and a knowledgeable session. Very well presented by the facilitator too.

Captain Sumeet Bhardwaj

MOL South Africa (Pty)Ltd

“I learned and realised that everyone of us is passionate and that planning is critical for clear communication in my role. I’m always happy with the content and structure, it gets better every year. I liked the fact that it...

Lerato Makume

Sampling Co-ordinator, Red Bull (JHB)

“Absolutely excellent! Trainer was very informative, energetic and engaging. Great presenter kept us all interested in the topic. Makes one look forward to getting out there engaging with the brand and customers.”

Theresa Thring

Campaign Management Specialist

“The presentations workshop was beyond excellent. It will give me the ability to achieve a personal goal and be very effective next year, it will help me to achieve my KPI.”

AQ Mohammed

Senior consultant , SYSPRO

“The exercise to describe a new language for me was a different way of learning about the product. It was really fresh and innovative. The training also gave me a proper understanding of how much there is to the product....


Inventory Controller

“The language exercise really assisted in the one to one communications and allows your brand thinking to be aligned.”

Rochelle Merckel

Key Stationers

“Awesome communication exercises as it forces you to think out of your comfort zone. Realising that sales consultants are going to have to think out the box when selling the product.”

E. Moses

Sales Consultant, ACE

“Overall well done! You made the participants feel at ease and more receptive to the learnings. The united messaging exercise was great and the video feedback excellent.”

Shariefa Dawood

Safety Info & Research, Western Cape Government

I thought the whole presentation was professional and it was an excellent workshop. The facilitator was had lots of energy and spoke well. Thank you.

Janine Dall

Manager, Vulcan Catering

“Excellent workshop, as I learned to better myself and in turn the staff and company will definitely benefit. Great and I really enjoyed it!”

Jacques Rudman

Reeds N1 City

The value of the overall workshop was excellent for me and my team. I realized the personal responsibility I hold. I also assessed the value of money versus Time wasting in the company if we do not exercise assertiveness.

Abdul Kerbelker

CEO Claremont Improvement District

“The training was superior and the teacher was very accommodating and caring. I would like to say thank my managers for investing in the Clear Speech course, as now I know I can apply this and it has made me...


Reception, Break Water Lodge

“The training was exciting!”


Cell C

“I have learned so much over the course of these months. I wish we could continue to do these sessions on a weekly basis.”


Sous chef, 12 Apostles

“The individual coaching sessions gave me the ability to stop, stand back, schedule and prioritise my work, which has been enormously beneficial. I can make a better assessment of where to get my staff to assist me. The coaching has...

Phia Grobler

Quality Control Manager, Environ

“Speak Easy Facilitators created an energetic, great training and brought back the importance of treating each customer uniquely by tailoring solutions. The brand workshop was excellent.”

Jonathan Stainbane

Customer Experience Department, Cell C

“I learned to communicate better and be more focused from this workshop. I also need to be more open and clear about my direction to staff. Really enjoyed the workshop and it has definitely highlighted concerning issues I had. “

Chris Da Silver

On Tap

“Excellent facilitator makes the workshop worth attending.”

Adri Noble


“The coaching was an enlightening experience, always! A few light bulb moments, especially in the regard to my reaction to my interactions with my challenging staff. It would be extremely beneficial to continue with this programme.”

Deirdre Hendricks

Communication Manager, ACSA

Very interesting workshop and I could have gone on longer. Need more time as this was a great workshop and the facilitator was excellent.

Cedric Sebastian

Manger, Atlantic Imbizo

The presentation workshop has really given me a gained confidence in speaking clearly, watching my posture. Thank you  – I really do feel more confident in my presentation.

Mallory Ferguson

Radisson Blu CT

As a starting point I would like to say a great big thank you to Marisa and Speak Easy Facilitators for helping me with the task of trying to pull my team together and to stop behaving as silos and...

Louise Thompson

Product Marketing Director | SYSPRO - Corporate

“I found the workshop extremely valuable and worthwhile – time/money well spent.”



“The workshop was wonderfully stimulating in that I began to recognise how my communication was letting me down. It was very enlightening and empowering, excellent!”

Urshi Newman

Securitech SA

“Thank you, I wish that every staff member could have the opportunity to attend this training. Love the energy from everyone. Love the diversity too!”

Nikki Nell

Brand & Communications Specialist

“If you would like to achieve maximum benefit and feed back from your dynamic staff – invest in your combined future by investing in this course.”


Operations Manager, Symington

“The Presentation Workshop was great and I enjoyed the interaction with everyone in the team. The discussions were particularly useful. I learned the most about the pace, tone, symphony aspect of presentation and that PowerPoint is not a presentation but...

Joanne Friedricks

Marketing Manager, Radisson Blu CT

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank the facilitator and my manager for improving our communication skills, as I will show commitment toward my job.”

Karen Booysen

Front Office

“This Brand workshop was amazing for learning about building the persona of the Red Bull Market and the Cell C brand.” Excellent training! Thank you!

Nicole Gardner


“As I’m new at Red Bull the Brand communications workshop made me realise that since I’m part of a team I have to listen all view points and compromise. Respecting each other will also build a stronger team.”

Lameez Mahomed

Red Bull Samplers Workshop

“I am now able to go back and review the issues I have with not being assertive. How to not be aggressive and to rather be confident in my opinions. Great workshop, I really learned a great deal and enjoyed...

Karen Bailey


“The flash workshop and facilitation quality were both excellent! Thank you.”

Mike de Maine

Two Oceans Aquarium

“The workshop was excellent, refreshing and very informative. The interactive exercises were very nice. I’m definitely going to implement everything we learned!”

Annatjie Buys

MD Panaroma Palms

“Thank you for the great workshop it was excellent and dynamic!”

Olivia Floris

B&L Direct Marketing Services

“This workshop added value of looking at things from a clients’ perspective and not to take things personally.”

Theo Williams


“I am very grateful that I went on this course. It has given me a lot more than just clear speech but has motivated me. It made me realise that life is full of opportunity and everything depends on me....


Concierge, Table Bay Hotel

“The Assertiveness Training workshop was very informative. Nothing good would make it better as it was excellent!”

Sivwyile Ganiso


”The workshop was very refreshing where I learned that coaching as a manager is really a two way process. It was excellent and very informative!”

Rafieqah Khan

Manager/Partner, Izinga Access

“The presentation workshop was great, overall it was fun, informative and very interactive. The team and I learned valuable lessons and advice.”

Arne Van Der Merwe

HR Manager, Radisson Blu CT

“The workshop was interactive, dynamic and very informative. The time calculation exercise about what poor communication costs the business was excellent.”

David Blows

Isuzu Truck Centre

“Identifying the grey areas was an eye opener as I realised I needed to delegaqte more. By not doing this I’m not empowering.”


Pallet Supply

“The Coaching for Managers workshop was excellent overall. I found it to be well organised with a good flow. In hit on several good points and answered questions I had as well as questions I didn’t even know I had!...

Andrea Baister

Continental Suppliers

I really enjoyed the red flag exercise and the information was very informative.

Denise Oosthuizen


“This was an excellent workshop and I really enjoyed the interactive group dynamic too. I would like further in-depth training.”

Dudley Mcmillan

Autoworks Milnerton

“I didn’t realise I needed to actually be a coach and will find out more about the coaching process from this Flash Workshop. I can definitely see how it will make my life and work easier.”

Ilchen Retief

Amy Biehl Foundation