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What Our Clients Say

Please read below to see what some of our private and corporate clients have to say about the results of
Speak Easy’s Programmes and Workshops.

 General Comments

General Comments

As a starting point I would like to say a great big thank you to Marisa and Speak Easy Facilitators for helping me with the task of breaking down the internal silos and creating a more unified team. There have been many challenges and I honestly believe you have managed to help the individuals see that it is far more productive working together and using each other strengths and abilities to achieve our departmental goals.

You have worked well in both the group sessions as well as the individual and paired sessions. Your advice to people has been well received and they all appear to have acted on it and continue to act on it. People are also more polite and respectful of one another.

While there have been some people that have resisted having sessions, they always come out feeling good and positive about the outcome. Where people have complex personalities and ego issues you have very gently steered them on a voyage of personal discovery and growth.

You have also been very supportive of me in my leadership role. Over the course of the year you have taken the time to understand the group dynamic and have, with certain communication situations, assisted me to facilitate the most productive outcomes possible.
Thanks again for all your help.

Louise Thompson
Product Marketing Director | SYSPRO – Corporate

Re: Letter of Experience

I am very please with the progress that the Executive Team has made over the last couple of months. The team has developed a very strong brand which is essential in developing our business culture across all levels. Having set group as well as individual goals/actions, ensured that the entire exercise was outcome based. The proof of this is that multiple internal business awards have been claimed by my team.

I think that Speak Easy follows a practical and simple methodology that works. I would certainly recommend their services to my fellow colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

Zain Patel
GM Support Services,Merchants

To whom it may concern,

Marisa has successfully helped our team through individual and group session to focus on the task at hand by eliminating conflict and enhancing performance, by improving our communication skills and dynamics. Initially Marisa isolated ideals and obstacles. These were unpacked and dissected in the group workshops. Everyone contributed and benefited by taking away what was relevant to them.

Speak Easy Facilitators has worked with us yearly since the beginning of 2006. The ongoing personal coaching ( for managers) and group discussion facilitated by Marisa has been especially beneficial. The consistent training over the years has ensured the sustained and steady growth of our team. We are always focusing on improving to our next level. Over some years now Marisa has got to know al the members of the team. She quickly evaluates and isolates what is needed and enables individuals to recognize by themselves what they need to do to contribute positively to the team. Marisa is mindful of managements goals and objectives and she works with these objectives in mind. Results have shown a more productive, motivated and strategic focused staff who are conscious of the impact of their communication with colleagues and customers alike.

I can highly recommend Marisa’s personal involvement for ongoing and overall team development, growth and upliftment.

Yours Faithfully

Larramie Damstra
Assistant Branch Manager – Rentals Cape Town, Sasfin Ltd

Dear Marisa

Thank you

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for honouring the invitation to speak at our Understanding Change: Playing Different Roles session; which is part of the Meridian 2010 leadership course.

It was an eye-opener to realise how important posture, stature, breathing and other non-verbal interactions are as part of our overall communication. The communication techniques you demonstrated with the group certainly created a very different awareness for them of the nuances required when we are required to communicate effectively, especially as leaders who may from time to time have to play different roles.

The participants’ formal feedback indicated that this session with you was professional, informative and challenging and it made them reflect closely on their own communication style. Many expressed room for improvement and I am sure they will seek out opportunities to explore this with you and your team at Speak Easy Facilitators.


Melanie Burke
Senior Programme Director
Common Purpose South Africa

To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of working with Marisa Sarfatti in the capacity of Speak Easy Facilitator since 2007.

Initially Marisa facilitated a Communications Program with the hotel executive team which was a great success, facilitating a better understanding between members of the team, and open arena for communication and ultimately a stronger team.

She has since done extensive work assisting various members of the hotel management team, of all levels, on a one on one basis. We have seen personal growth of many individuals, including myself, which has provided extensive benefits for the business as a whole.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below. I would be very happy to help.

Thank you and kind regards

Debra Algie
Revenue and Project Development – Hotel and Spas
The One and Only Hotel

 Our Individual Coaching Says….

Our Individual Coaching

The Individual Communications Programme has transformed our newly appointed manager. All details including his body language through to handling presentations at board level, improved speech and language usage, improved conflict resolution skills, broadened vision and perspective on difficult situations, has grown to one of a strong communicator. The course has also increased his self -confidence tremendously.We are very appreciative of the excellent work done and will be contacting Speak Easy Facilitators for the training of any other candidates/colleagues that may be in need.

Dr Iqbal Surve
CEO -Sekunjalo Investments Ltd.
Chairman Western Cape Sports Academy

I am now able to have more meaningful negotiation sessions with my client based on statistical data as well as longevity of mutual beneficial areas of the business, which has in turn aided in sign off of matters impacting revenue

I have become a lot calmer in my daily approach as well as achieve a high degree in consistency in my consequence and actions. This provided more stability to my team and as such has allowed them to excel in their areas of responsibility.

Coaching sessions were also extended to the Operations Managers which provided them with an opportunity to enhance their skills and showed the commitment the business has on their growth and development. This went along way in motivating them. Through their coaching sessions they were able to motivate their staff.

The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

The above is a quote I know which direction I am going in and how to get there… Thank you

Vimal Jairam
Call Centre Manager
Merchants SAA

I have to come to learn that my growth does not lie in the number of positions i get in my career, my growth as an individual and leader lies in the skills and knowledge I attain to make me effective in leading high performance teams and everyone’s individual achievements. One cannot achieve this unless they know how to develop their teams to the level of leadership skills for them to start leading without title, which will be their competitive edge in achieving great heights. Most coaching sessions prescribe what one should do to be successful however, the coaching I received played a fundamental role in helping me identify my true character and how I could use that to the benefit of the business and my personal growth and development.

Shane Mukhansi
Operations Manager
Merchants SAA

I really want to thank you for all the help you have given me. I appreciate it tremendously and will be forever grateful for the part you played in my life.

I’ve taken responsibility for my communications and feel I now grab every opportunity that presents itself.
Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me!

Danlee Booysen
Western Cape Sports Academy

I don’t think really knew the full importance of self belief if you are to be a strong leader and communicator – this coaching revealed things that I didn’t even know were influencing my communication. The coaching has also had a very motivating effect on my staff. The team is fused with energy and we’ve been trying some new things with very positive results.

Gary Kalt
Branch Manager, Cape Region ( Individual Coaching )

The coaching has been very beneficial. I concentrated on the following aspects that would improve my work and environment on a daily basis.

1. To be less emotional in emails.
2. Less fluff, more facts when I speak.
I have seen a huge improvement with both goals above. I have also been able to speak to my Manager about an issue that I didn’t feel confident addressing with her previously.

An excellent course to participate in, no matter your position or job title.

Helen Acriviadis
Senior Resource Consultant
Merchants – A Dimension Data Company

I have definitely seen a difference in not only myself but my team members as well.

People are more tolerant and open to communication.
Ego’s in some cases have been checked at the door and this will always make a situation better.

A good way to look at one’s self and identifying what needs to improve to achieve success.

Deirdre Fryer

Every one of us needs to review our perspective from time to time. It’s hard to get objective input from the people close to us. Often there is a stigma attached to seeing a therapist or psychologist. That’s where Speak Easy saves the day. Coaching allows us to gain perspective, gather our thoughts, raise our awareness and re-learn how to interact with our colleagues, friends and family in a non-threatening and impartial environment. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to balance their lives and improve relationships, whether in the home or work environment.

Julie Rosenbaum
Head of Web Development – SYSPRO CORPORATE

 Our Communications Workshops Say…

Our Communications Workshops

Cape Union Mart Workshop…

‘I feel my self-confidence has increased, I know feel far more confident to come forward and express my ideas – even if they don’t always work.’

‘The main thing the course taught me was to be more aware of myself and also how to handle difficult and conflict situations.’

‘I achieved a great deal, I’ve found a way to improve my relationship with colleagues, especially towards my customers – I truly feel like I know how to handle myself.’

‘The biggest learning that I got from the workshop is learning to exercise the self-control necessary to think before I speak, improving my listening skills and improving my lateral thinking skills. Thank you so much!’

Red Bull Samplers Workshop…

(Short workshops tailored to fit in with a bigger Red Bull training day)…

‘Even though I’m a very confident in front of individuals as well as large groups, I gained from discovering new ways and methods of approaching different groups and how my manner should be altered according to my market.’

‘I learned how to create connections and hooks to speak to consumers, it was awesome!’

‘Turning a No into a Yes with difficult consumers was one of my biggest eye openers.’

‘I learned how to calm down and pull away from difficult situations.’

‘It helped to make me feel more confidents with the public – I can’t wait for the next shift!’

‘I learnt to listen! I feel like I’m going to be able to assess people, handle crowds and what to do in different situations much more effectively now.’

What Red Bull Management said….

I have highlighted a few points below that illustrate the effectiveness and new learning’s the team has taken away from the Speak Easy Facilitators Workshop.

• Increased self –esteem, confidence and pride in each employee and the job they perform.
• Grooming and appearance has improved.
• Communication skills of listening and speaking have become more clear, direct and concise within the team as well as the consumer.
• Improved handling of situations of conflict with consumers, turning these negative situations into positive opportunities.
• General people skills have improved through patience, empathy and true listening and understanding of consumers and fellow team members.
• Team members are motivated, ambitious, without arrogance and take pride in their duties as the representative of an international brand.
• Team morale and spirit has lifted with all team members focused on achieving the same goal.

It was a true pleasure working with you and appreciate the attention to detail you put into your workshop. The high standard of workmanship you input into the workshop has left the team with a high standard of performance in their duties and roles.

Yolanda Dyers
Consumer Collecting Manager
Red Bull, SA
JMC (Pty) Ltd.

 What our Flash Workshops say…

What our Flash Workshops

The Assertiveness Training workshop was very informative. Nothing good would make it better as it was excellent!

Sivwyile Ganiso

The value of the overall workshop was excellent for me and my team. I realized the personal responsibility I hold. I also assessed the value of money versus Time wasting in the company if we do not exercise assertiveness.

Abdul Kerbelker
CEO Claremont Improvement District

Great workshop. I really learnt a great deal and enjoyed Marisa’s presentation and structure of the workshop.

Karen Bailey

“The workshops have helped us learn more about tackling some of our sampling obstacles e.g. dealing with large numbers of potential consumers or dealing with people who don’t believe in the product.”Sarah Koch
Red Bull Samplers Workshop
“As I’m new at Red Bull the Brand communications workshop made me realise that since I’m part of a team I have to listen all view points and compromise. Respecting each other will also build a stronger team.”Lameez Mahomed
Red Bull Samplers Workshop
“Absolutely excellent! Trainer was very informative, energetic and engaging. Great presenter kept us all interested in the topic. Makes one look forward to getting out there engaging with the brand and customers.”

Theresa Thring
Campaign Management Specialist
“The language exercise really assisted in the one to one communications and allows your brand thinking to be aligned.”Rochelle Merckel
Direct Marketing Specialist
“Understanding a managers’ position and being new in the position of manager made this workshop really excellent for me. I would like a follow up session.”Mymiena
Key Stationers
“The workshop was excellent, refreshing and very informative. The interactive exercises were very nice. I’m definitely going to implement everything we learned!”Annatjie Buys
MD Panaroma Palms
“The workshop was interactive, dynamic and very informative. The time calculation exercise about what poor communication costs the business was excellent.”David Blows
Isuzu Truck Centre.

Our Presentations Course

‘Speak Easy Facilitators cc Powerful Presentation course helped our staff to understand practically how to present quality documents in a professional manner. The course went to the extent of teaching employees creative ways of improving presentation quality and content. Wesgro has noticed vast improvement from employees, they now design and present information of high quality and standard.’

Mandla Dlova
Manager Human Resources

I tend to go into too much detail and need to get rid of the “Death by PowerPoint”!
I thought that it was well organised and well structured. The Facilitator was excellent – really knows her topic and engages easily with everyone. Very professional.
I learnt a lot and really enjoyed myself – Thanks!
Pat McEvilly
“The Presentation Workshop was great and I enjoyed the interaction with everyone in the team. The discussions were particularly useful. I learned the most about the pace, tone, symphony aspect of presentation and that PowerPoint is not a presentation but an aide. All the staff would benefit in some way from doing this workshop.”Joanne Friedricks
Marketing Manager,Radisson Blu CT
“The presentation workshop was great, overall it was fun, informative and very interactive. The team and I learned valuable lessons and advice.”Arne Van Der Merwe
HR Manager, Radisson Blu CT
“The presentations workshop was beyond excellent. It will give me the ability to achieve a personal goal and be very effective next year, it will help me to achieve my KPI.”

AQ Mohammed
Senior consultant, SYSPRO

 Our Clear Speech Programmes…

Our Clear Speech Programme

The Cape Union Mart Staff say….

‘I no longer get the reply of ‘Excuse me’ or ‘What did you say’. I am able to project my voice and be much clearer now. My work environment is now completely different and I really feel like I have accomplished my goals.’

‘My English has improved and I can see results. I’m starting to communicate better and that’s boosting my confidence.’

‘I’ve noticed that with a strong vocabulary I get very good responses from the customers, which in turn boosts sales…my managers have also noticed the improvement in my English.’

‘It has motivated me because my relationship between colleagues and friends has improved…people tend to listen to me more, I don’t have to repeat myself and I feel I’m projecting myself much more confidently.’

‘I’m the one at work with a very short temper, but because of the breathing exercises I’ve learned how to control it much more…’

‘This is a must do course and it will last a lifetime!’

The Cape Union Mart Managers Say…

‘My floor assistant was very loud and over energetic, but now she is taking her duties more seriously and has matured in a short period of time. She communicates much better and even teaches us how to pronounce our words! She is more confident and speaks slowly and clearly to her customers now.’

‘I feel more staff could attend this training it was well worth it. My floor assistant has greatly improved his speech, body language and his eye contact. It has definitely been a positive change for both the staff member and our team.’

‘My assistant manager is now more confident when approaching customers and more willing to assist customers fully. She also voices her opinions and ideas, showing a positive attitude and not waiting for the manager to resolve issues. The quality of her communications has improved greatly.’

A big thank you to Speak Easy Facilitators cc from Bar Support Services, Grand West Casino.

Since our associates have started on the Clear Speech Programme, I have seen significant changes in behaviour, especially the way they address guests, management and fellow colleagues. I have seen noticeable improvement on the voice projection, especially in answering the telephone and conversing with guests. A job well done!

Elizabeth Louw
Training Manager
Grand West Casino and Entertainment World

 Our Media Training says…

Our Media Training

Just to let you know that Thobile came back VERY ENERGISED after his training today – he was so excited that he wants to do another session!

Thank you for doing this today – it meant a lot for them and they had lots of fun, but also realised how important it is to do this. I think initially they were all a bit reluctant to do the training, but it was well worth it.

Corlia Pieterse
Public Relations & Events Manager
Shell South Africa (Pty) Ltd

‘Our facilitator was very competent, and very enthusiastic and passionate about what she was doing. At the same time, she was professional in her approach, and I certainly felt I was in the hands of someone who knew what she was doing.’

‘The facilitation was open, encouraging, entertaining and good all round.
I found the final interview very intimidating, but good for a taste of reality. ‘

Shell South Africa (Pty) Ltd