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What We Do

Communication skills are central to the success of every business.

Yet many people operating in today’s business arena – even at top levels – are poor communicators.

Within any organisation, poor communication can lead to misinformation, poor productivity, lack of strategic thinking, conflict amongst colleagues, ineffective presentation of excellent ideas, lack of authority, poor customer service and business relationships, to name but a few of the consequences. Blocked communications created by your staff can literally affect every aspect of your business.

Ask yourself: What might happen if every member of my team was a conscious communicator?

Speak Easy Communication Programmes / Workshops

Using specifically-developed communications coaching tools, coupled with techniques gathered from her many years in the acting field, Marisa Sarfatti creates powerful Communication Programmes designed to develop the team or individual by helping them to overcome their unique obstacles and achieve specific communication goals.

Individual Communications Skills Coaching Programme

A Coaching Programme tailored to the individual’s unique communication style, weaknesses and goals. The individual is coached over a pre-determined period of time, and equipped with essential communication tools that help to create a more productive and professional communicator in the working environment.

Individual Clear Speech & Communications Skills Programme

Speak Easy can tailor-make a highly effective Speech Programme for individuals with unclear accents or other forms of vocal weakness. The Programme focuses on increasing confidence in general communications, as well as the correct use of the English language.

Individual Presentations Coaching Package

As a busy workforce we often don’t have the time to go on 2 day presentation courses. Alternatively, even when we have attended proper basic training which is very useful for laying the foundations, we either need to practice those techniques, need to urgently address a particular presentation that is important or simply need a refresher.

Lumina Spark Portrait Tool

Lumina Spark Portrait is an in-depth and revealing tool, used to identify 24 characteristics of strength and areas of development in the individual. This on-line survey tool further assesses the 24 qualities of an individual’s communication style in 3 states: 1) the comfortable state 2) the everyday state 3) the stressed state. Lumina Spark can be incorporated into Communications Programmes or used on its own

Corporate Programmes / Workshops

Clear Communications Programme

Speak Easy can design an interactive group Programme which focuses on strengthening the team’s areas of weakness, thereby creating fluidity in both the individual and collective communication skills within your organisation. It can be used to integrate internal departments as well as across multiple departments to create a more unified operation.

Powerful Presentations Workshop

Powerful Presentations is a 2-day Workshop which addresses the individual’s fears and weaknesses, and harnesses their strengths in order to create a personal brand, strengthen their presentation style and support their company brand for both the public arena and socially. Please look at our Individual Presentations Coaching Package for further development and access.

Brand Communications Workshop

This Internal Team Brand Communications Workshop explores the department as a brand and identifies the challenges faced by the department in communicating that brand. We create daily actions and communications needed to build the vision of the Team Brand to successfully project that outside of the department.
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Media Training Workshops

We offer a variety of Media workshops designed to educate on the way the media operates and provide practical training on how to deal powerfully and knowledgeably with media, both in South Africa and internationally.

Please contact us for a more thorough cost estimate based on your unique needs.

Communication Modules from our Toolbox

Do you have a single, specific topic you would like to address through a half-day workshop?