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Woman’s World- Lean In


This workshop will be working with Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” and how women can maximise the feminine leadership style in the workplace. We also unpack the traps of women growing their careers and how men can co-create a redefined idea of the workplace to benefit everyone in the leadership space.

Other areas we engage with:

  • How do women leaders take their space comfortably?
  • What inner dialogues can sabotage your success?
  • The success and likeability factor
  • How do men benefit from this too?
  • How do we practically co-create supportive working environments and broader
  • How do women engage with home and work? (Single & married women!)

Dependant on formatting, workshops will include a copy of ‘Lean In’ for each participant.

Time Investment:         1 Hour – Half Day/Full Day/Full programmes
Who Should Attend:     Women and Men are encouraged
(workshops tailored accordingly)

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Contact:     Marisa Sarfatti
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